Tuesday Time for a Spell from The Nightingale

I opened my eyes.

It was the dead of night and I could hear the low rumble of thunder in the distance.

Normally the sound would not concern me, for it was Spring, the time of rain and storms. The rain that washes the darkness of Winter away, but something felt...wrong.


It was the sound of wood on wood, knocking together hard.


I realized what the sound was. It was that of a boat banging into the dock, rhythmically hitting it, pushed by the waves.

I slipped out of bed and went to the French doors of my balcony, looking out to the dock. Yes, there was a boat there, and someone was in it. The moon shone on her blond hair, making it spun silver. She was working on the moorings, untying them, releasing them, preparing to push off from the dock.

I thought, what on earth is she doing? Where is she going? Right now, in the middle of the night??

The thunder rolled again in the distance.

I flung the French doors open and stumbled to the balcony railing, hitting it so hard it took my breath from me.

Wait! I called. Wait! What are you doing? Where are you going?

She looked up, seeing me on the balcony and flashed her smile at me. She kissed her hand and flung it at me, her over-the-top way of blowing me a kiss.

She called out. I love you Duchess! Don’t wait up for me!

And with that, she turned away from me and towards Lake St John as the boat took off from the dock. Fast! So fast! I wondered how it could possibly be moving so fast.

Wait! I called again. WAIT. It’s not safe!

Terror shot through me and suddenly I was crying, sobbing - sobbing so hard that I could not breathe…

I choked on the sobs as I tried to call out to her. I used all of my will to cease the sobbing and then screamed into the night. NO! It’s not safe! I can’t protect you….!

...and with a desperate sobbing gasp, I breathed in…

And sat up in bed, woken from my nightmare.

I was gasping, pulling in breath as quickly and deeply as I could. My face was soaked with the tears that were still streaming from my eyes.

It took me several minutes to calm myself from the nightmare, but even after I had risen, splashed water on my face and was breathing normally again, I could still feel a slightly sick feeling deep inside of me.

I needed fresh air. I pulled on my dressing gown, went downstairs and out the French doors on the ground level. I walked towards the empty dock. I walked out onto it, to the very edge, and stared out across the night-dark Lake St John.

The thunder rumbled again. That part had not been a dream. There really was a storm brewing out there. The moon shone above, and I could see all of the stars...except for in the one patch of sky to the West.

I narrowed my eyes at the small, but very dark mass of clouds. Even in the nighttime sky I could see a slight green tinge to them. The shade of green of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Oh no you don’t, I thought. St John is under my protection.


My mind returned to the nightmare from which I had just awoken.

Yes, it had been just a nightmare...but my dear friend in the boat...she really is not safe. And there is nothing I can do, I thought. Nothing.

I stood there, despairing, and then I was suddenly washed in warm light.

The light rolled over me and I looked up and saw the rotating light from the lighthouse on the top of the hill in St John Woods shining down on me as it continued on its path, slowly around.

Even though it was not possible to feel heat from the light from this distance in St John Beach, my skin warmed.

That beacon from the top of St John Woods felt like a blessing. And then it spoke to me. I heard a single word.


It suddenly hit me.

Oh! I CAN do something! I can protect her in MY way and I can protect St John!

Because I am Gabrielle Riel. The Duchess of Carntaigh. The Nightingale.

And I am a damned good Good Witch.

I turned and hurried back into the house and headed right for my desk. I pulled out a piece of paper, grabbed my fountain pen and began to write:

To those of you that believe in the Light, tonight I invite you to a Tuesday Time of a Spell from The Nightingale from 7-8pm SLT at the bonfire by the waterfall in St John Woods. Attire: White. This is a sacred & joyous ceremony and there will be music from me on http://music.gabrielleriel.com . SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/St%20John%20Woods/128/144/29

 Part 2: http://gabrielleriel.blogspot.com/2017/04/protection-never-ends.html