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The 3rd Carntaigh Court Presentation Ball

Next Friday, April 21 is my 11th Rezday in Second Life.

I have decided to celebrate it by doing something that I have not done in 9 years, a Court Presentation Ball.

There are posts from this blog in the Summer of 2007 that document the establishment of my court and my chivalric order, The Order of The Nightingale:

The Name:

The Members:

The First Court Presentation Ball:

On my 2nd Rezday, April 21, 2008, I added members to my court: .

My 2nd Rezday was the last time that I presented my court, because 6 months later I bought my first sim and began the process of leaving Caledon, and that included leaving behind my life as the Duchess of Carntaigh. I became Miz Gabi of New Toulouse and eventually Witchport and St John.

In the last yea…

Protection Never Ends

Tuesday Time for a Spell from The Nightingale

I opened my eyes.

It was the dead of night and I could hear the low rumble of thunder in the distance.

Normally the sound would not concern me, for it was Spring, the time of rain and storms. The rain that washes the darkness of Winter away, but something felt...wrong.


It was the sound of wood on wood, knocking together hard.


I realized what the sound was. It was that of a boat banging into the dock, rhythmically hitting it, pushed by the waves.

I slipped out of bed and went to the French doors of my balcony, looking out to the dock. Yes, there was a boat there, and someone was in it. The moon shone on her blond hair, making it spun silver. She was working on the moorings, untying them, releasing them, preparing to push off from the dock.

I thought, what on earth is she doing? Where is she going? Right now, in the middle of the night??

The thunder rolled again in the distance.

I flung the French doors open and stumbled to the balcony railing, hitting it so hard it…