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The Day of Reckoning

To: Name Withheld

Hello. I am sure you remember me. I am the one that booted and banned you from St John when you showed up at our Mardi Gras this past February.

I was surprised to see you that day. It was ballsy of you to come over after I stumbled across the sim that you created in January with almost all stolen content, a good portion of which was stolen from my estate St John.

It was such a surreal feeling to teleport into a sim that I had never visited and to then be confronted with St John's flag on a banner, an object that I created. The texture of which was custom-created by my friend Selena Anansi.

It stunned me for almost 30 seconds before I realized what had happened. It fell into place once I saw that I was standing in the French Market building that my former resident rmarie Beedit had made, and that I had used for years, and yet when I looked at the object properties, her name was not in the creator field.

Yours was.

I created a detailed investigation document over t…

New Prim Amounts in St John

On Tuesday, November 29, 2016, Linden Lab increased the amount of prims per sim in private estates. There was a 33% increase to all of our full sims and a 30% increase to all of our homesteads.

Here is the list of parcel sizes and prim amounts as they stand today, after this change:

Full Regions - St John Parish, St John Woods, Bayou St John and St John (Uptown)

* 192 sq. m. parcel - 174 prims - $250 L per week

* 256 sq. m. parcel - 234 prims - $340 L per week

* 384 sq. m. parcel - 351 - $510 L per week

* 512 sq. m. parcel - 468 prims - $675 L per week

* 576 sq. m. parcel - 525 prims - $760 L per week

* 608 sq. m. parcel - 555 prims - $805 L per week

* 640 sq. m. parcel - 585 prims - $850 L per week

* 768 sq. m. parcel - 702 prims - $1015 L per week

* 896 sq. m. parcel - 820 prims - $1185 L per week

* 1024 sq. m. parcel - 936 prims - $1350 L per week

* 1152 sq. m. parcel - 1053 prims - $1520 L per week

* 1280 sq. m. parcel - 1170 prims - $1690 L per week

* 1536 sq. m. parcel - 1404 prims - $2025 L p…