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Hurricane Frédérique

I sat at my desk in my sitting room and stared at the pile of unopened mail in front of me. So much! So much to do! So much to catch up on!

I sighed, feeling overwhelmed. I'd been so damn busy in that other place (called Real Life) that I had fallen behind on my work in St John. How am I going to get all of this done, I wondered?

I began to open and read the mail and make notes. One histrionic missive made me raise my eyebrow, so I set it aside to deal with later. I sorted the mail into piles. Here are the vacant parcels I need to process. Here are the requests for land. Thank heavens they seem to equal out.

"Gabi....oh Gabi...."

I could hear a man calling my name from outside. I smiled, recognizing the voice. I got up and went out on my second-floor veranda that looks out over Lake St John.

And there, hovering right across from me was my a balloon.

Not only was he in a balloon, but he had a weather vane attached to a hat on his head. There were a variety of ins…

St Johnians Nominated for Rezzie Awards

I am pleased to announce that two St John residents have been nominated for Rezzie Awards. The Rezzies honor content creators in Second Life.

In the Home and Garden Category, Noctis (Yelena Istmal) is nominated for Best Bathrooms, Best Gothic Builds/Furniture and Best Historic Builds/Furniture.

In the Content Creation Category, Palette (Amelia Smythe) is nominated for Best Full Perm Fabric/Upholstery Textures and Best Customer Service in Full Perm.

Voting is happening now at:

Cast your votes and support our talented St Johnians!

For more info on the Rezzies:

Welcome St John Beach

About a month ago, I added the sixth sim to the St John estate. Say hello to St John Beach!

Last weekend, I finally had the chance to complete the sim. It is now open, with parcels available for lease and rooms available in the St John Hotel.

St John Beach is very loosely based on Grand Isle, Louisiana. The theme is "Gulf Coast Resort in 1916".

One feature that I built into the sim is a "landing strip" for St Johnians who like to fly. St John is big enough now for period-appropriate aircraft.

St John Beach:

The St John Beach Hotel
The St John Beach Cottages North Island The Beach Landing Strip