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2016 St John Hurricane Update

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Bonjour St Johnians!

I have an update regarding our Hurricane Frédérique.

As you know, I scheduled our hurricane for this coming weekend, August 19-21. I have traditionally done my hurricane on the third weekend in August. Frédérique will be the 6th hurricane that I have done in my time as an estate owner.

I always knew that at some point a time would come when our hurricane collided with an actual hurricane or flooding disaster. It appears that 2016 is the year it happens.

This week there have been tens of thousands of people in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana whose homes have been devastated by flooding due to severe rain. This disaster came out of nowhere and has hit hard.

I have been watching the news and weather for the last week about this situation and I know many of you have watched it too. As the situation worsened, my unease of having our virtual hurricane grew. I reache…