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And Once Again, Protection

I placed the pen on my desk, pushing back and then stretching. Afterwards, I slumped into a relaxed position in the chair and sighed in satisfaction.

I had been writing for several hours. I sat back up, folded the letter and slid it into an envelope. I chuckled as I wrote the name and address on the letter. I had no idea that it was going to be so enjoyable to write!

I stood up and headed towards my armoire. I opened the doors and began to pull out my newer gowns, tossing them on to the bed. What I needed to find was something I had not worn in a long time. Years, actually.

Approximately 20 minutes later I braided my hair into its final state and looked at myself in the full length mirror. I was dressed all in white. Smoothing down the skirt, I pulled the lacy hood over my head.

Well then Ms Gabrielle Riel, I said to myself. It's been several years since you've gone full-on Witch. And it's been several years since you have performed the protection spell.

I thought about th…