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CC Reports from Hurricane Diane

St John estate manager CronoCloud Creeggan has provided several dispatches from our community.

Stormy Weather in St John

St John: The Witchy One's protected house

Dance in Defiance of Hurricane Diane in St John

More dispatches will follow.

Stormy Weather

Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky. Stormy weather. Since my man and I ain't together, keeps raining all the time.

From Stormy Weather by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler

I woke early, during that time when dark is transitioning to dawn. A soft rain was falling. The drops were so light that I could just barely hear them.

I rolled over in my bed and stretched luxuriously. It had been a relatively cool night so I had slept very well. The summer heat in St John was intense most of the time, even at night.

Not yet fully awake, I curled up and sighed happily. My body wanted to go back to sleep and the sound of that lovely summer rain was lulling me back into dreams.

I smiled. I was happy. Happier than I had been in years. All thanks to St John.

St John had been so unexpected. I had no idea that New Orleans would call me like a siren. St John is my creation. Mine. No one else's. I poured nothing but myself and my love of New Orleans into it. I have not had a sim that wa…

Invitation to the Inaugural St John Ball

Lady Gabrielle Riel cordially invites you to the Inaugural St John Ball on Saturday, August 9, 1914 from 6:00pm - 7:30pm SLT at The Edison Ballroom in the St John Parish Sim
Roleplay: light roleplay encouraged
Attire: 1890 - 1920 formal
Music: classical and popular from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries by Gabrielle Riel, broadcast on

St John Tea Transcripts - 08/06/2014

[18:03] Gabrielle Riel: I have a LOT to cover tonight. More than usual and you all know that I do my best to fit tea into one hour.

[18:03] Gabrielle Riel: So I am going to get this going!

[18:03] Gabrielle Riel: I would greatly appreciate it if you could hold on questions until I complete an overview of each topic. When I complete the overview, I will say that and then I will ask for questions because I very much want to address them.

[18:04] Gabrielle Riel: Ready? Buckle your seat belts! Here we go...

[18:04] Holocluck Henly nods

[18:04] DawnMcCormick grins

[18:04] Gabrielle Riel: Our first topic is the St John Market.

[18:05] Gabrielle Riel: The market is right out here in the square. It’s in the building that looks like a miniature version of the actual French Market in NOLA.

[18:05] Gabrielle Riel: My intention for that space was to offer items to St John’s visitors. Freebies, although I hate that term because so many freebies in SL are total garbage. I don’t want garbage in our …