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The Economic Truths of Being a Land Baron

It has been a bumpy few weeks in Second Life. Just yesterday the news broke that Rod Humble, the now former CEO of Linden Lab, has departed for greener pastures. In addition to this recent surprise, Second Life residents who make money inside of the virtual world have been weathering the storm of new administrative requirements from the Lab regarding tax documentation.

I have now been in Second Life for almost 8 years, but when I arrived I had no concept of a virtual world economy. When I learned that people were leasing virtual land and actually paying real money for it I was stunned. I thought that was absolutely ridiculous! Why on earth would someone pay money for something that was not real? I saw no reason to spend money on something so silly.

I had no idea how deep the human need is to have a "home", no matter the environment. I was so surprised when the urge to lease virtual land took hold of me. I felt lost without some sort of home that felt like it was mine. It is …

Invitation to the St John Formal Ball

Lady Gabrielle Riel cordially invites you to the St John Formal Ball the closing event of Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach 2014 Winter Games Day Sunday, January 26, 2014 7:30-9pm SLT at The Edison Ballroom St John Parish Sim

Attire: Formal Victorian, Edwardian or Steampunk. Military dress uniform. Dress tartan.

Music: Classical by Gabrielle Riel.

Dancing Options: Couples, singles, large group.


January "Vacation" for Gabrielle

After a very busy schedule of both regular and holiday shows in December, I will be taking a break from my regular monthly shows in January. Revelry on Reverie, Gabrielle in Wonderland, Swing Time at The Seraph Club and Caledon Country Dance will all return in February. See you all then!