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Team Ryan for Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis

A few weeks ago Radio Riel pitched in to help with a cause for our friend Mila Edelman of Old Time Prims: the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis. We were please to provide a 1920s soundtrack all weekend during the event.

You can learn about all of the event details here at:

As a part of the weekend of events, Mila and her nephew Ryan discussed what it is like to be diagnosed with arthritis in childhood and how it has affected their lives. They held this discussion live in Second Life and they also recorded it so the people that were unable to attend can view it at any time.

Here it is!

This is an important topic for me personally, which is why I wanted to help with this project.

My sister, my dad and I all came down with a summer flu in 1981, when he was 40. My sister and I got better. My dad got rheumatoid arthritis.

He lived with it for 25 years until he died at 65 in 2006. It affected him and our family. In some ways it ruled our lives, I am 44…

Chicken Linden Follow Up: Texture Resources

In my previous post, The Tale of Chicken Linden: Mass Hysteria, Copyright, TOS and Self-Empowerment, I received some excellent comments from Dee Wells. She pointed out another important part of this problem.

Dee says:

"The real trouble for many of us is in licensing of copyrighted content, which is now impossible: i.e.: textures, etc. It's tough to build something in SL without texturing it, and for most of us 15 hours into a detailed model and having to now travel to a location to photograph that perfect castle wall or bridge or whatever, well, project cancelled.

So we use stock stuff, online textures, whatever, but the catch is they all have copyrights on them. According to the User Content section of the ToS, before the change, you could fudge this and defend yourself in court, so everybody went along with it. Now it is worded in such a way that it is not within your power to upload anything, licensed or not, to SL if there is a copyright held on it by anyone."

This hug…

The Tale of Chicken Linden: Mass Hysteria, Copyright, TOS and Self-Empowerment


In my 7.5 years in Second Life, I have seen this type of behavior in reaction to some sort of change or even simply rumors of a change. When I was young in SL I will admit that I would become alarmed or worried. I was too new to the environment and there was so much I did not know or understand.

However; as I learned and grew over time, my reactions became identical to those that I have in Real Life when something like this occurs. I remain calm and immediately start seeking concrete facts in order to fully understand the scope of the issue that has so many people up in arms. Knowledge is power my dears and I won't cast judgement on anything until I feel that I have a good grasp on the facts.

The latest catastrophe that has turned so many people into shrieking meemees in Second Life is the recent update to the Terms of Service regarding intellectual property rights.

Very Important Note: I need to say upfront that I feel very strongly about ar…

Archived Songs from the Nightingale

People have been asking me for years if they could listen to my live shows after I have played them. Not everyone can tune in live.

Unfortunately there has been no legal way for me to do this. To say that the current licensing rules for Internet radio and podcasting are stupid and outmoded is an understatement. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice to say you would be dumbfounded if you knew of the hoops through which we have to jump.

I have been frustrated for years that I have not been able to provide archived versions of my shows...that is, until now...

You can now find my archived shows on Mixcloud at Each show also displays its playlist, so you can now find out exactly which artist played that song you loved so much and the name of the song itself!

Listening via Mixcloud does require an Internet connection. It is streaming media only, which means you can not download the show to any computer or device. Obviously downloading w…

After the Ball

I carefully hung my pink gown back in my armoire. I smoothed it down and looked at it.

This was the first time I have worn any color other than black since August 28. I haven't wanted to wear anything but black. I've been deep in mourning and I could not stand the thought of wearing any color, let alone my trademark red.

I had intended to wear black tonight to the BoobieBall, but as I looked at all of my black gowns I just did not feel right about it. Tonight was meant to be a celebration and I felt the pull of the color pink.

This evening was the 6th annual fundraising event for breast cancer awareness and research with funds going to .

The BoobieBall is the final event of a week long series of events called BoobieThon. This year's BoobieBall raised over $500 USD. Since the first BoobieThon in 2008, we have raised over $16,000 USD in the fight against breast cancer.

There is no way to even begin to thank the hundreds of people who have made …