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Second Life H.P. Lovecraft Community Presents Lovecraft Festival

Fans of the early 20th Century American Science Fiction and Horror writer H.P. Lovecraft are joining together in Second Life in a multiple-community festival to celebrate the writer and to provide a variety of Lovecraft activities and adventures to Second Life residents.

The 2012 SL H.P. Lovecraft Festival runs from September 22-30. The heart of the festival is the carnival located in the Staccato sim in the Lovecraft community of Sheffield. The carnival contains a market at which vendors will sell a variety of Lovecraft, Early 20th Century and Science Fiction wares. The big top on the carnival grounds will host weird and wonderful events.

At the carnival, there will be ticket booths that provide festival information and that will transport the attendees to the various host sims that are taking part in the festival. A different Lovecraft experience awaits at each location! There will be several ticket booths on the carnival grounds as well as in each host sim. There will …

The Dead Return

“The dead return. I know they do...” ~ Edgar Guest

I was at my desk in my office on the second floor of The Nightingale reviewing the financial reports from the damage rendered to New Toulouse during Hurricane Charles when I heard someone enter the bar downstairs. I looked at the clock. Hmm. Midday. It must be Mr. Breitman coming to update me on his builds, I thought.

“Mr. Breitman?”, I called, “I’m up here in the office.”

I heard him coming up the stairs as I bent back over the report. “You know”, I said, “I think we are going to need to increase our exports of Absinthe throughout the Steamlands in order to cover these damage costs.” I sighed and looked up...

Standing in front of me was Mama Cree. Carricre Wind. The founder of New Toulouse.

I blinked. Still there. Blinked again. Yep, still there.

I slowly rose to my feet. My heart was racing. My head was spinning, and yet at the same time I clearly thought, this is New Toulouse Gabi. You know the magic that bubbles beneath the surfa…