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Help Wanted: NT RFL Captain!

I am seeking a volunteer to serve in the role of Relay for life Captain for a New Toulouse RFL team.

There was slightly more feedback from people who said they would *like* NT to have its own RFL team, so I said I'd put a call out for a volunteer. I need one by 11:59pm SLT, next Saturday, April 7.

If we have a taker, then we'll have a team. If not, we'll contribute elsewhere, either to the general fund of to another Steamlands nation.

SL RFL Survey

I am in the midst of making decisions regarding New Toulouse's involvement in the American Cancer Society's Second Life Relay for Life. I have put together a survey in order to determine how New Toulouse residents feel about SL RFL.

If you are not a resident of New Toulouse I still encourage you to take the survey! I have decided to take this opportunity to determine how people feel about SL RFL in general. I will be publishing these results in a week or two.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

~Researcher Gabi

AC RFL Announcement

Dear Residents of New Toulouse,

It’s the time of year when the American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Second Life is starting into its long fundraising season. I have supported this effort for 5 years in SL, and in that time I have determined that I much prefer a very relaxed approach to SL RFL.

In 2010, NT was a part of the New Babbage RFL team. In 2011, we were a part of the multi-nation Aether Chrononauts RFL team.We started out this season with the AC RFL team again.

As I mentioned above, my philosophy for RFL is to keep it laid back and low maintenance, so I feel it’s best that we let the AC RFL team move on without us. New Toulouse, the estate, will no longer be an “official” part of that team, however I encourage you as individuals to support AC RFL, or any other RFL teams with which you are associated.

I think New Toulouse could be a better fit elsewhere, or perhaps even with a small team of our own. Whatever we end up doing, it will be something where we can…