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The August New Toulouse Flea Market

The community of New Toulouse is pleased to invite you to our monthly Flea Market.

The Flea Market runs on the last Saturday of each month in Duchess Square, the center of the New Toulouse Bourbon sim ( This month's Marché aux Puces is this Saturday, August 27, all day.

At our Flea Market you will find:

    * Quality "used" items, not junk
    * Quality freebies
    * New items created by the people of New Toulouse
    * Special edition items that are only available at the Flea Market

If you have ever visited New Toulouse, you know that our residents have the highest standards when it comes to theme and content quality. If you have not yet visited, come to the Flea Market and see what we offer, as well as our beautiful, historic themed-Estate based on New Orleans from 1890 - 1920.

Mesdames et messieurs, bienvenue! Et venez au Marché aux Puces de la Nouvelle Toulouse!

Hurricane Bernadette Part 2

He is come! he is come! do ye not behold His ample robes on the wind unrolled? Giant of air! we bid thee hail!-- How his gray skirts toss in the whirling gale; How his huge and writhing arms are bent, To clasp the zone of the firmament, And fold at length, in their dark embrace, From mountain to mountain the visible space.
Darker--still darker! the whirlwinds bear The dust of the plains to the middle air: And hark to the crashing, long and loud, Of the chariot of God in the thunder-cloud! You may trace its path by the flashes that start From the rapid wheels where'er they dart, As the fire-bolts leap to the world below, And flood the skies with a lurid glow.
What roar is that?--'tis the rain that breaks In torrents away from the airy lakes, Heavily poured on the shuddering ground, And shedding a nameless horror round. Ah! well known woods, and mountains, and skies, With the very clouds!--ye are lost to my eyes. I seek ye vainly, and see in your place The shadowy tempest that sweeps through space, A w…

Hurricane Bernadette Part 1

And lo! on the wing of the heavy gales, Through the boundless arch of heaven he sails; Silent and slow, and terribly strong, The mighty shadow is borne along, Like the dark eternity to come; While the world below, dismayed and dumb, Through the calm of the thick hot atmosphere Looks up at its gloomy folds with fear.
They darken fast; and the golden blaze Of the sun is quenched in the lurid haze, And he sends through the shade a funeral ray-- A glare that is neither night nor day, A beam that touches, with hues of death, The clouds above and the earth beneath. To its covert glides the silent bird, While the hurricane's distant voice is heard, Uplifted among the mountains round, And the forests hear and answer the sound.
~ William Cullen Bryant, The Hurricane Just as Captain Alecto said, the storm crept in to New Toulouse this morning.

It continued to intensify throughout the day. I walked the Estate and welcomed the New Babbage Marines, and their assistance, to New Toulouse.

The New Babbage Marines a…

The Captain's Warning

Lord of the winds! I feel thee nigh, I know thy breath in the burning sky! And I wait, with a thrill in every vein, For the coming of the hurricane!
~ William Cullen Bryant, The Hurricane Captain Starling Alecto looked up from the maps on which he was writing as I entered the shack next to the New Toulouse Algiers Lighthouse.

"Miz Gabi," he said, "Thank you for coming so quickly."

"How bad is it Captain?", I said, skipping all pleasantries.

The Captain looked at me grimly. "From all of my measurements and calculations, as well as the information in all of the telegraphs from the U.S. Weather Bureau, I can confidently say that there is a hurricane approaching New Toulouse."

I took a deep breath, and then nodded.

Last year, New Toulouse had been taken almost completely unawares by Hurricane Adolphe due to the fact that we were such a small community and we did not have a communications liaison with the U.S. Weather Bureau. I had been able to send tele…

Swing Time at The Seraph Club: Electro Swing

Put some swing into your Saturday evening by joining Gabrielle Riel and the folks in Seraph City for "Swing Time at the Seraph Club"! This is the monthly show on Radio Riel Dieselpunk that runs on the first Saturday of every month. This month's show is all contemporary...all Electro Swing!

You can listen to the show on Radio Riel Dieselpunk ( from 7:00pm - 9:00pm Pacific (North America) Daylight Time on Saturday, August 6, or join us at The Seraph Club ( .

Note: This program will also simulcast on Radio Riel's Main stream.