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I pushed back from my desk, sat up straight, and then stretched a bit to relieve the tension from my sore shoulders and back. I looked at the massive pile of unopened letters and correspondence sitting on my desk and sighed heavily. You would think I had not done any work for the last two hours in looking at that pile!

What an exhausting month. The Caledon 5th Anniversary was nigh on 30 days ago and I still haven't had time to compile the Caledon Oxbridge fundraising results for the Deans, the Guvnah and the community. I continue to find people passed out in the alleys of New Toulouse from Mardi Gras, and I just deposit them into the Pension so they can sleep it off.

Reservations for New Toulouse Jardin II have stalled. I need to get the word out about the new sim so I can get the number of residents I need to ensure the sim will fly. I won't add another sim to New Toulouse if it's just not financially feasible for the community. Maybe some of the passed out Mardi Gras dru…

Pictures from Recent Events

Thanks to Captain Wildstar Beaumont and Miss Dymphne Dinzel, I can share pictures of several recent events:

The Saint Patrick's Day Balls

More pictures from Miss Dinzel: Afternoon Ball, Evening Ball

Pictures from Captain Beaumont: Afternoon Ball

Revelry on Reverie - The Aether Chrononauts RFL Team Kickoff

More pictures from Captain Beaumont: Aether Chrononauts Kickoff

Thank you Miss Dinzel and Captain Beaumont for capturing these events so beautifully!

~ The Nightingale

Your Invitation to Lady Savannah's First Rezday Celebration

On behalf of Lady Savannah Blindside The Duchess of Caledon Clarendon I cordially invite you to her First Rezday Party from 5:00pm - 7:00pm SLT
on Friday, March 18, 2011 at the Sky Ballroom in Caledon Rothesay No Attire Requests nor Requirements Music by Lady Gabrielle Riel; Jazz and Jazz Fusion

Your Invitation to the Saint Patrick's Day Balls

Lady Gabrielle Riel The Duchess of Caledon Carntaigh cordially invites you to
The Saint Patrick’s Day Balls
at Coughton Court in Caledon Rothesay Thursday, March 17, 2011
Euro/UK: 12:30-2pm SLT North America: 5:30-7pm SLT
Music: Classical and Traditional Irish Attire: Green, Formal or Informal, Celtic

Future Broadcaster

A picture from some time in mid to late 1969...

Hmm... What's that? That looks *very* interesting...

Now Taking Reservations for New Toulouse Jardin (Part Deux)

I am now taking reservations for the next sim in New Toulouse: New Toulouse Jardin.

The planning map is in New Toulouse's Laveau Square at .

New Toulouse Jardin will be the fifth sim in the New Toulouse community. It will sit on the grid directly east of the New Toulouse sim.

Note: This is actually the second incarnation of New Toulouse Jardin. The first was converted into New Toulouse Bourbon. I (Gabrielle) feel that this new version more accurately reflects both NT's New Orleans theme and better serves the wants and needs of NT residents.

New Toulouse Jardin is based on the actual world New Orleans Garden District. At the beginning of the 19th Century, what is now the Garden District, was open plantation land. However soon after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the French plantation owners sold and subdivided the land into large plots, with only a couple of lots per block.

Americans moved into the area and built large Queen…

Venez au Mardi Gras!

New Toulouse Mardi Gras Festival
Sunday, March 6 - Tuesday, March 8

All Weekend
Mardi Gras Exhibit at Toussaint l'Ouverture Library ( Houses - Specific New Toulouse Merchants and Artists have open shops during the Festival and are offering sales or special itemsSunday the 6th
11:00am-12:30pm SLT - Mardi Gras Parade with dancing the square (

3:00-5:00pm SLT - Mermaids Tail: We will be playing some celebration music during the open house with a brief Burlesque Show by Miss Rhea Riel and continue the open house after the show, with a surprise gift for your Mardi Gras enjoyment. (

7:30-8:30pm SLT - Costumed Street Dancing - Residents and visitors don wild and creative attire and masks and visit the Open House shops (

8:30pm - ? - The Opening of the "Nightmare Visions&…


I had hoped I would have the key by now so I could fly free.