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Official Thanks for the Caledon Harvest Festival

A Letter to Guvnah Desmond Shang, Vicereine Kamilah Hauptmann and Citizens of Caledon

Dear Guvnah Shang, Your Lyonesse Kami and Aristocrats,

I write this letter to you all because I would like to take the opportunity to officially and publicly express my appreciation and gratitude to all of the people who made this past weekend's Fourth Annual Caledon Harvest Festival a resounding success.  They deserve recognition and thanks from all of us for their hard work and participation!

The Festival Vendors and Livestock Purveyors
Lady Soliel Snook
Lady Riven Homewood
Miss Happi Rau
Lady Savannah Blindside
Miss Lacey Alderton
Mr. Jackson Tournier
Mr. SwampBottom Grunfeld
Miss Lillian Lynwood
Lady Addison Leigh
Miss Tali Rosca (Winner of the Festival Hax Flower Hunt)
Miss Wendyslippers Charisma
Miss Carys Blackheart
Mr. Preston Gravois
Dr. Garth Goode
Miss Daallini Rae
Miss Elbereth Nightfire
Mr. Eclectric Bretiman
Miss Darlingmonster Ember
Dean Martini Discovolante
Miss Shilan Folger
Miss …

The Fourth Annual Caledon Harvest Festival Schedule

The Fourth Annual Caledon Harvest Festival is open in Caledon Rothesay! ( It runs today, tomorrow and Sunday.

The Festival Grounds have vendors and livestock, as well as a Dunking Booth, a Kissing Booth and a Tarot Card reader in the Fortune Telling Tent! The Grounds are open 24/7, however we are encouraging Caledonians to gather at specific times to visit the Festival, which are as follows:

Friday, October 8
12:00pm - 1:00pm SLT Promenade
Kissing Booth: Adzer Thorne, CronoCloud Creeggan, Savannah Blindside
Dunking Booth: LadyDawn Starbrook
Tarot Reader: Danii VanDouser

1:00pm - 2:00pm SLT - English Country Dance at the Brideswell Estate ( by Elrik Merlin on

7:30pm - 8:30pm SLT Promenade
Kissing Booth: Bellaluna Galaxy and Malthaussen Hammill
Dunking Booth: Stereo Nacht (7:30pm - 8:00pm SLT) and JJ Drinkwater (8:00pm - 8:30pm SLT)
Tarot Read…