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Zombie Power!

Zombies. Ya gotta love 'em!

The residents of New Toulouse are used to having zombies around. We have regular infestations in New Toulouse Algiers, and the locals sit on their porches and pick them off with their rifles. The residents of New Babbage recently dealt with their first crop of zombies, and they handled it all quite well for novice zombie hunters!

And now, just in time for Halloween, Storyteller and Filmmaker Afsaneh Metaluna brings us this fabulous and funny film about zombies. Afsaneh broadcasts once a month on Radio Riel, telling stories for the Caledon Library. Enjoy!

Burning Life While Burning the Midnight Oil

Ok all you Aussies, stay at home Euros and Brits and North American Insomniacs! Please join me (Gabrielle Riel) as I play live at the Berlin Stage at Burning Life from 2:00am - 5:00am SLT on Wednesday, October 21. Yes, I think I did lose my mind when I told the organizers that I could play at any time...

You can tune in on - I am simulcasting to our stream. I am going to play some Steampunk, some Electronica and whatever else I can think of. Or please join me on the Giant Scorpion at the following SLURL: . (Yeah, the stage is a giant Scorpion...definitely the most unique stage I will have ever played.)

Thank Goodness it's

Today I discovered a new store (new for me) in Second Life that broke so many of my comfortable fashion paradigms, I simply must blog about it!

I don't blog about fashion much. I think the last time I did so was for Skye Qi's fashion show that she held in Caledon Victoria City in the Summer of 2007! But fashion is my favorite Second Life leisure activity. I adore discovering new designers and finding gowns that have not yet been discovered by the majority of the ladies in the Steamlands. Perhaps I will bring down my "wall of silence" regarding fashion and discuss it more often here in my blog.

I suppose it is ironic that my post today is not even about vintage fashion, but contemporary. I am technically on SL vacation at the moment (yeah, yeah, what was I doing in SL if I am on vacation? Answer: Estate Owner business never lets you go. ;-) ). I've dressed myself accordingly for a vacation in SL in a teeshirt, a pair of jeans and trainers. I looked at my rather pa…

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

I stood alone on the dance floor of the Piermont Landing Ballroom. The crowd had left. Only I remained. I rubbed my forehead and released a huge sigh. I felt like I had been holding my breath all night long. I still could not believe what had happened.

We had gathered several hours earlier to attend the Wedding Rehearsal of Miss Obedience Mactavish of New Toulouse and Doctor Obelensky of New Babbage. Miss Mactavish is the last of the Mactavish Family, one of the most prominent families in "old" New Toulouse. You would have thought that a single family of Scots would have felt awkward in a town of mostly French immigrants, but no, the Mactavishes had both risen to prominence and had been well loved in the community.

I had thrown myself into studying the history of New Toulouse, as I really wanted to fully understand and appreciate the community. I was an NT "newbie" still, even though I was the Prim Minister. My arrival in New Toulouse and assumption of the l…