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Tsuki Mi Matsuri

Music inspired by the Tsuki Mi Matsuri...

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Sunday night was the Second Annual Tsuki Mi Matsuri (Japanese Moon Viewing Festival) in Caledon Carntaigh. The festival last year impressed me so much that I decided to create a truly "proper" venue for it this year. I turned Euterpe (the small island in Carntaigh, usually barren) into a Japanese garden and shrine for the evening.

The moon shone brightly over Carntaigh, leaving a path on the water as Mitsu Figaro played over three hours of traditional and contemporary Japanese music for the guests, who included the entire Europan Consulate, a good portion of the population of Steelhead and Otenth Paderborn and Emilly Orr from Radio Riel.

A nice group assembled to celebrate

Mitsu and her able "student" Touma Yoshikawa provided interesting commentary and tidbits about the music throughout the evening. It was a simply brilliant event, one that makes me so grateful for the people that I work with at Radi…

The Steampunk Style Test

And these results are shocking how? ;-)

Your result for The Steampunk Style Test...The Aristocrat82% Elegant, 41% Technological, 70% Historical, 12% Adventurous and 6% Playful!
You are the Aristocrat, the embodiment of steampunk elegance and poise. For you, dressing steampunk is first and foremost about simply looking good, with accessories and details to follow. However, this does not mean that you ignore the demands of creating a “steampunk look.” Your outfits weave together a balance between technology and style, and between period accuracy and beautiful anachronism. While your fashion inspiration may come from anywhere across the Victorian social spectrum, you always find a way to make your outfit beautiful. You will probably be found in the clothes of the steam age elite simply because of the greater elegance available to them. Chances are you dress this way because you like it, and you would still dress in this manner even if steampunk was not a popular interest.

Try our …

Carntaigh Refects on CaleCon

Note: This post is OOC, or semi OOC

It has now been a week since "the CaleCon 10" departed Saint Mary's, Ontario and returned to their corners of the globe. Several of us have blogged about our adventures. If you would like to read about what some of the other attendees have to say about CaleCon, please refer to the following links:
Elrik MerlinSoliel SnookEva BellambiOtenth PaderbornKamilah Hauptmann
I am left with so many thoughts and feelings from the weekend. On the drive to Saint Mary's, I realized that I was about to enter an experience that I could not compare to anything else that had happened before in my life. I was going to meet 6 people for the first time (3 I had met already), and yet even though it was to be our first meeting...I knew everyone so well! How on earth can you explain that? You are strangers...but close friends at the same time.

When I arrived, I walked up to the front desk and Eva was there checking in, and I just said: "Hey", …

CaleCon Posts and Pics

I will probably make a post about CaleCon in a few days. I have simply not had the time to do so...what with that thing called RL and all. :-)

However, my always industrious Cousin Eva has made some wonderful posts on her blog: