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Dearest Phantom,

Once upon a time, you said something to me that I have never forgotten. I was confused and baffled about how emotionally invested people could become over things that happened in a virtual world, and you said to me: "Darling, people get weird and self obsessed online."

An excellent lesson, and one I always remember.

With love,

The Face Behind the Mask of The Nightingale

Paper faces on parade
Hide your face,
so the world will
never find you!

Every face a different shade
Look around -
there's another
mask behind you!

Flash of mauve
Splash of puce
Fool and king
Ghoul and goose
Green and black
Queen and priest
Trace of rouge
Face of beast

Take your turn, take a ride
on the merry-go-round
in an inhuman race

Eye of gold
Thigh of blue
True is false
Who is who
Curl of lip
Swirl of gown
Ace of hearts
Face of clown

Drink it in, drink it up,
till you&…

One Year

One year ago on June 1 2007, I, with Red Caliber, Edward Pearse and Mitsu Figaro launched Radio Riel. The last twelve months have been amazing. I am blessed beyond belief, and I thank the Universe for Radio Riel every day. A huge part of my thankfulness is for the people that the Universe brought to me - these amazing, intelligent, motivated, positive, and just plain COOL people!

So here we are - we just completed our first year. I remember having a conversation with Red Caliber about 6 months ago, during which he remarked about how much RR had grown in 6 months time. I told him that, as strange as it might seem, I was not shocked in the least about the growth and changes. It just all felt so *right*. Like everything was happening exactly as it was supposed to. We then joked about how different RR would be in another 6 months. He said he could not imagine it....and I said I totally could.

That is how this whole journey has been. It feels so natural to me, like this was always …

SL Shakespeare Summer: A Midsummer Night's Dream, June 15 - 21

"Lord, what fools these mortals be!"

Radio Riel, Riel Events and The Caledon Library are proud to present the first in a series of three SL Shakespeare Summer events: William Shakespeare's comedy, A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Visit The Caledon Library's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Exhibit from now until the end of the month at The Whitehorn Library in Caledon Victoria City ( and in the Winterfell Palace Gardens in Winterfell (

The Week's Program

All music and audio events play on

Sunday, June 15
The Caledon Library Play Discussion, 2:00pm - 4:00pm SLT
Music program: Music of the Fae
Monday, June 16
Music program: Groundlings to Gods - The Music of Shakespeare's Time
Tuesday, June 17
Music program: Mendelssohn and His MentorsWednesday, June 18
Listening Party for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in its entir…

Press Release: SL Shakespeare Summer

June 11, 2008 - The Independent State of Caledon, Second Life

Radio Riel, Riel Events and The Caledon Library are proud to announce that they have received a grant from the Foundation For Rich Content to produce a special project, entitled "SL Shakespeare Summer".

During June, July and August the three project sponsors will hold a week of events focused on a Shakespeare play. At the beginning of each week, The Caledon Library will hold a play discussion. Throughout the week, Radio Riel will provide programming inspired by the play or related to Shakespeare and his works in general.

The last day of the week, Saturday, Radio Riel and Riel Events will hold a themed, two-hour Ball in a setting recreated from the play. Music at the Ball will be primarily Classical, with some Early,Celtic, Folk and Shakespeare-themed music. The week should leave people with an understanding of the play and Shakespeare, and enable people to truly experience the play in a unique way.

The SL Shakespeare …