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A Larger Nest...

In July of 2007, I took a page from my Cousin Eva's book and decided to create a more formal "Court" and established my chivalric order, The Order of the Nightingale (L'ordre du Rossignol). Here is what I stated about my Court at that time:

From Wikipedia: "Nightingales are named so because they frequently sing at night as well as during the day. The name has been used for well over 1,000 years, being highly recognizable even in its Anglo-Saxon form - 'nihtingale'. It means 'night songstress'."

I use three main criteria when I ask someone to be a part of my Court:Proven and consistent service to the Independent State of CaledonProven and consistent service to the Duchy of CarntaighProven and loyal friendship to me, the Duchess of Carntaigh, personallyI do not require formal vows of fealty from the members of my Court. I feel that their actions have already spoken for them. My Court is a way tha…


I woke in the middle of the night. The moonlight streaming through the window into my new room. I was startled for a moment when I did not recognize my surroundings. Then I relaxed. "I am still not used to sleeping here in Coughton Court.", I said to myself.

I looked around the room, this spacious and elegant room in the Penthouse that Mr. Viking built me in the top tower of Coughton Court. So different from my room in my cottage in Caledon Cay. I will miss living in Cay, as it was my home for a year and a half...but I am also thrilled to be finally living in my family's manor permanently.

I stretched on the bed, sighing. "It's time. The moon is full." I quietly slipped from my bed and dressed in my gown that I had left sitting beside the bed...waiting for me...for this moment. I stole downstairs in the darkness, through the foyer and out of the massive doors into the garden of Coughton Court.

I approached the altar, which is currently surrounded by …

Tea at Carntaigh

Ladies and Gentlemen of Caledon, I cordially invite you all to Tea at Coughton Court in Caledon Carntaigh on Monday, April 14, 2008.

The purpose of this Tea is for Caledonians to gather, talk and get to know each other in a comfortable setting. Current events in Caledon, History of Caledon..or any questions about Caledon are welcome topics!

I will be holding Tea at the following times:
1:00pm SLT6:00pm SLT
You can join us by using the following SLURL:

The Eight Wonders of Caledon


This being a contest where for a fee residents can nominate a build that they consider worthy of inclusion in the eight, residents can then pay a small fee and vote for their choice.

A plaque will be issued to all those nominated, and a more spectacular one to the eight holders of the Title.

If you wish to nominate a candidate please fill in the notecard given to you from one of the special vendors located at Hope Mews and Denver Hax's home In Eyre and scattered around Caledon, and return to Denver Hax before the close of nominations - midnight SLT Saturday 5th of April .

A voting board will be erected in the organisers front garden (opposite the Hope Mews) in Eyre, this will go active once nominations are closed, and a list of candidates and SLURL's will be dispensed from the posters and be available from the forums. Voting posts will…