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Tribute Island: A Tribute to the Jazz Greats

On Friday, February 1, Radio Riel begins a twelve week series at Tribute Island! Radio Riel will be playing a special series of "tribute" shows on TI every Friday from 1:00pm - 4:00pm SLT.

Week 1: Gabrielle Riel plays "A Tribute to Jazz Greats"

Join us in Second Life at Tribute Island (SLURL) or tune in at !

About Tribute Island

Tribute Island is all about celebrating the lives of the people we've lost and loved. People who have inspired us, entertained us, selflessly protected us, and who have filled our lives with sound and colour.

Most of our exhibits are interactive in some way. This place has loads of ‘Easter eggs’ just for fun. The island is roughly divided into topical areas. Enjoy exploring, and click the exhibits for freebies and to leave your own tribute. We also hold regular events, and information is posted for these both in the Info Centre and at the hub or available thorough the Tribute Island group. Why not grab a free Tri…

Gen X with Gabrielle: The History of Trance

Tonight, from 6:00pm - 8:00pm SLT, at the Timeless Underground in the RavKom Sim, Gabrielle Riel is going to take you on a trip through Trance...

From our buddy Mr. Wikipedia:

Trance is a style of electronic music that developed in the 1990s. Trance music is generally characterized by a tempo of between 130 and 160 BPM, featuring repeating melodic synthesizer phrases, and a musical form that builds up and down throughout a track. It often features crescendos and breakdowns. Sometimes vocals are also utilized. The style is arguably derived from a combination of largely electronic club music such as ambient music, techno, and house.

Gabi's playlist tonight focuses on early Trance, and Trance from the 1990s...although she is slipping some more current Trance into the mix just for fun. Join her, Host Christine McAllister-Pearse and the Gen Xers at Timeless Underground tonight!

A Daemon...albeit a day late

I know that this post is "soooo last summer", but I finally took the opportunity to explore Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" series via the audiobooks. I have completed "The Golden Compass" and "The Subtle Knife", and I am about 1/4 of the way through "The Amber Spyglass". The audiobooks, which I purchased from are wonderful - narrated by the author himself and with a full cast reading the characters.

I have to say, I am *so* enjoying this series! And I think I am enjoying them more than I would have if I had read them a few years ago...thanks to Caledon. I have a much greater appreciation for the Steampunk elements now, and that has made the "reading" even more pleasurable. I have not yet seen the film version, although I plan to do so when I have the opportunity. I highly recommend these books if you have not yet read them.

And without further Daemon.

The Caledon Library Benefactors

I would like to inform the residents of Caledon about a new Group that I have established, and I hope that you will join me in my effort. I know that you support the Independent State of Caledon, and that you recognize the role that the Caledon Library has played in our community. I personally feel that it is the one of the, if not the most, key components that make up Caledon's community "foundation".

We all recognize the amazing work that the staff of the Library has done for Caledon....but I don't know if Caledonians *truly* understand the time, effort and resources that go into it. Very few people, other than the Library Staff, and a small group of "outsiders" REALLY get it - get what it truly takes to make our Library "happen".

It's time for us to give back to the Library, in the form of financial support. Mr. Drinkwater has established an avatar (Provost Weatherwax) solely for processing donations so he can post the donations received …

All right, Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close up...

I am going to be a featured guest on SLCN's "Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe" show this Sunday, January 27th.

The show taping is from 4:45pm - 7:00pm SLT and anyone is welcome to attend. I will post SLURLs here as soon as I have them if you would like to come watch me have my "close up". :-)

~ The Nightingale

Addendum: SLURL:

Gen X with Gabrielle: 12" Singles of the 80s

Thursday, January 17 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm SLT, I am broadcasting live from The Timeless Underground in the RavKom Sim for my show "Gen X with Gabi". Assisting me as Event Host in Second Life for this evening is Miss Emilly Orr.

Tonight's show features nothing but 12" Single tracks of the 1980s...with just a few from the early 90s scheduled to play at the end of the show. Here is a brief excerpt from Wikipedia's deifinition of the 12" Single and what that term meant in the 1980s:

"Increasingly in the 1980s many pop and even rock artists released 12-inch singles that included longer, extended, or remixed versions of the actual track being promoted by the single. These versions were frequently labeled with the parenthetical designation "12-inch version", "12-inch mix", "extended remix", "dance mix", or "club mix"."

Did somebody just say "club mix"? Put on your dancing shoes my dears and come wo…

The 2008 Snowflake Ball

This past Saturday evening was the Second Annual Snowflake Ball in Caledon Loch Avie. My Cousin Eva, assisted ably by Edward and Christine, hosted a magical event! The sparkling snowflakes fell on the snow covered hills of Loch Avie, as Caledon danced in the Conservatory and under the stars.

Edward, Christine and I at the top of the evening

I dance with Hotspur Otoole... just as we danced one year ago

The Stunning Conservatory - Built by TotalLunar Eclipse

Eva and I dance in a swirl of green and white

Looking from the inside-out of the Conservatory...

...and from the outside-in!

It was wonderful to see so many Caledonians and visitors at the Ball. I truly believe that events like this are one of the things that make Caledon so special.

From the archive: I found this photo, kindly taken by Sir Excalibur Longstaff at LAST year's Snowflake Ball in Loch Avie. I wonder if Sir Excalibur even *remembers* that he took this photo and gave it to me. :-)

Gabrielle of Carntaigh - Caledon Loch Av…


Christmas Day Night...2007

My head rings

I can't sleep

My body vibrates with unconscious knowledge

Something is wrong

I toss feverishly

I can't take this

I crawl from my bed and seek the answer

And it comes...

...and so does the music....

Artist: Kirsty Hawkshaw with Mr. Sam
Song: Split

"As sunlight splits
Through naked trees
Nothing that feels invisible exists"

You may be leaving me
But I won't let you go with my soul
It's all around me
The season of red, green, and gold

The cold wind steals your memory
Fresh out of my mind
The sky will fix the broken emotion in my eyes

I find support in the air
I find support anywhere
I find support in the floods
I find support in the love

And I will endure bravely
The space you left in me
The space you left in me

You may be leaving me
But my heart is staying here with me
Dancing like the dying leaves
As they spiral on the breeze

You may be leaving me
But my heart is staying here with me
Dancing like the dying leaves
As they spiral on the breeze

"In silen…

Have You Got It In You?

Song: Have You Got It In You
Artist: Imogen Heap
Album: Speak for Yourself

It takes a lot…to be always on form…
It takes a lot.
I maybe not…all the time, all I've got…
Maybe not.

Been one of those days…
Safety first don't push…what's the hurry
One nerve remaining, waiting on one look….have you got it
Have you got it in you?
Have you got it in you?

All at once, not a whisper, nor word.
Then all at once…
Let me have it all, let me have a battle on,
Easy target,
Look can we just…just get it over with.
It's getting worse, against all the odds…
It's getting worse.
(Bow down, floor's yours, last man standing, can we just get it over with.)

Been one of those days…
Safety first, don't push…don't push me…what's the hurry?
Cause there's one nerve remaining, waiting on one look,
One look now…have you got it
Have you got it in you?
Have you got it in you?

Blue, blue…they make me blue…
Head down, quick! Take cover, big girl in a mood
Blue you, make me anymore blue?
Long spin shout power…