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Wake Up Telegram

I stood on the docks of Antiquity Harbor, staring out at the water, hearing the sounds of the crew of the Venture as they loaded the ship for its return to Port Caledon. My time in Antiquity had been interesting - I had literally met with 4 Duchesses, 2 Dukes, 10 Countesses, 6 Earls, 35 Baronesses and 18 Barons. Antiquity certainly is chock full of "aristocrats" for such a small nation!

Behind me I heard the thudding of boots hitting the planks of the docks...growing closer. I turned to see a young man of about 14 running towards me as fast as his legs could carry him. "My goodness!", I exclaimed as he came to a halt in front of me. "Your Grace...", he gasped, "Telegram for you my lady...I feared your ship had left already."

"Thank you, young Sir!" I smiled at him and took the telegram from his hand. He bent over to catch his breath, and I slipped my hand into my pocket, retrieving an Antiquity Dollar. "Here you are." I offered…

One Year On Air

Last evening I celebrated my one year anniversary of being "on air" in Second Life. Oh the things that have happened since that night in October of 2006!

Friendships made, friendships ended, lots of learning, exciting dreams realized, amazing coincidences, passion, love, heartbreak, loss...and renewal.

Thank you my friends for sharing the journey.

Moving On

I am moving on
reaching toward my hopes and dreams
It has taken me far too long
to reach this place, it seems

My fears may try to hold me back
To try and block my way
But with courage and faith in my heart
I will get there come what may

The road will be a long one,
And it may be rocky, too
But when I reach this place in time,
My dreams could all shine through

I am coming nearer to my goals
And my excitement grows
The plans I have made will soon be real
Along with the destiny I chose

Though I have been tossed and turned in life's storms
I will surely see a brighter dawn
I'm no longer held back by my fears
I'm finally....Moving On

by …

Chilled and Tired

I shivered...teeth rattling...wrapped in a blanket on my bunk in my cabin on the Venture. The passage from Neualtenburg to Antiquity is a northern route, therefore even though it was but the end of October, winter was already upon this region.

My time with my Cousin Kendra was pleasant, albeit mostly taken up with meetings of State. I left Neualtenburg exhausted, but pleased with what we had accomplished. I had hoped to take advantage of this time on the Venture to rest and regroup. The freezing, frosty weather had another idea.

I had not been able to get a good night's rest since leaving the Port of Neualtenburg due to the bitter, bitter cold. No amount of blankets or hot tea had been able to eradicate the chill that sunk to my very bones. So, now I was huddled...completely exhausted...on my bunk for yet another frozen night.

I reached under the bunk and felt about for any of my books in my bag. I pulled out the first one I could fully grasp. I looked at the cover and smile…

Blogging is Fundamental

One of the things that makes Caledon such an amazing community is our Library. The fabulous Librarians of Caledon have their own chivalric order sponsored by Her Grace, CoyoteAngel Dimsum, the Duchess of Primverness - The Library Militant.

But did you know that they have a Blog? Check them out at

And the latest addition to the Blog? Our shy, retiring Library Director, Mr. JJ Drinkwater himself has joined the Caledonian blogospheric fray. You can find his current musings at

Many people ask me what they can do to take part in the community here in Caledon, and my suggestion is always the same: volunteer for the Library. The team of people that has created our Library is doing something revolutionary - building a viable repository of information in a virtual environment. They deserve our gratitude..and all of the support we can give them.

About the Caledon Events Calendar

I am the "steward" of the Caledon Events Calendar. Click here to view the Calendar, and take a look at everything occurring in the Independent State of Caledon!

If you ever need to add an event to the Calendar, please contact one of the following people:
Me - Gabrielle RielJJ DrinkwaterEva BellambiEdward PearseOtenth PaderbornChristine McAllisterAmber PalowakskiOolon SputnikSoliel SnookEdwina HeronAlso, please let me know if you would like to become a Contributor to the Calendar, and I will add you to the list above.Every resident of Caledon has the right to schedule any event at any time on the Calendar. Other residents have the right to ask him/her to change their event, however he/she is not obligated to make the change.Caledon is growing by leaps and bounds. Compare the amount of events on the Calendar this month to the amount of events we had in January. I believe we are entering a new era - we will have multiple events happening simultaneously, especially on weekends!I w…

CaleCon Planning

It's official - there will be a CaleCon Summer 2008 in Stratford, Ontario, Canada!

Are you interested in attending? Email me at, and I will add you to the planning group that I have created in Google Groups.

We have not yet set a specific date for the event. Stratford is a wonderful town with North America's premiere Shakespeare Festival, so there will be plenty of plays to see. I am also working on putting together an English Country Dance event during the meetup, with myself and other prominent Caledonians leading the attendees through the steps. I will also likely DJ a can I not? :-)

Please join us for this momentous occasion!

The Nightingale

Riel-ly Growing

My "little" radio station dream is not so little any more! Radio Riel has all new, fabulous URLs:

Tune in:

The Brideswell Stream:

Learn more: (The Radio Riel Blog)

Contact us:

And stay tuned for more exciting things from Radio Riel - Real Radio - Your Reality!

Stormy Seas

The Venture rocked wildly as lighting flashed and thunder roared. I clutched the sides of my bunk as the ship pitched forward. I breathed deeply to soothe the queasiness in my stomach and said to myself, "Sailing is not always smooth!"

It had been a rough day at sea all day, forcing me to stay below deck. I'd been trying to sleep for an hour, but the continuing storm prevented me from relaxing in any manner. I sighed and thought to myself, "Thank goodness these lanterns are fully attached to the wall."

I balanced myself carefully, bracing myself against my bunk as I lit the lantern quickly. It gave off a soft yellow light, that was completely obliterated with each bright lightening flash. At least it would allow me to read in between the cabin-filling explosions of light. I reached under my bunk and withdrew a small leather volume, dark red in color....wedged myself into the corner at which point the bunk met the cabin wall...opened the book...and began to…

Soccer on a Saturday

Saturday saw the first ever soccer game played by Team Caledon. It was a valiant effort, resulting in a 6-5 score in favor of our opponents, CDS.

But as is always the case in Caledon, it does not matter if you win or lose, but how you play the game! Our team showed great class and sportsmanship...and the fans turned out to cheer them on in droves!

Team Caledon: Podruly Peccable, Roy Smashcan, Jameson Despres, Mordecai Scaggs, Giuseppe Abruzzo, Martini Discovolante (Not pictured: Iason Hassanov, Diamanda Gustafson)

Miss Martini Discovolante created, and donated, the *fabulous* team and cheerleader uniforms. They are wonderful!

Caledon may be a novice nation at soccer...but what do we do better than *anyone* else on the grid? Throw parties! We all repaired to Doctor Oolon Sputnik's Salty Mermaid Tavern in Caledon Kittiwickshire after the game.

Reading on the Venture

As the Venture sailed for Neualtenburg for my meeting with my Cousin Kendra, the Kaiserin, I settled myself happily into my bunk below deck. The seas were calm and smooth, so I pulled a small leather bound book from the bag under my bunk, opened it, and began to read...

Poems of Emily Dickinson

Part One: Life


Our share of night to bear,
Our share of morning,
Our blank in bliss to fill,
Our blank in scorning.

Here a star, and there a star, 5
Some lose their way.
Here a mist, and there a mist,


A poor torn heart, a tattered heart,
That sat it down to rest,
Nor noticed that the ebbing day
Flowed silver to the west,
Nor noticed night did soft descend 5
Nor constellation burn,
Intent upon the vision
Of latitudes unknown.

The angels, happening that way,
This dusty heart espied; 10
Tenderly took it up from toil
And carried it to God.
There,—sandals for the barefoot;
There,—gathered from the gales,
Do the blue havens by the han…

Barely Home, Then Gone Again!

I had not even been home a full day from my vacation in the country when I received a note from our dear Guvnah, Mr. Desmond Shang that he wanted to meet with me.

Desmond and I met for a lovely tea at the Guvnah's Mansion in Caledon VictoriaCity. It is so rare that he and I have the chance to simply sit down and talk, as both of us are so busy with Caledonian affairs!

The Guvnah has informed me that he is in need of my "Duchess skills" for some diplomatic missions to other Sims with which Caledon conducts trade and relations. I am thrilled to be of service to him and to Caledon! He has placed the premiere ship in our fleet, the HMS Venture, (which docks in Port Caledon) at my disposal for the journey.

It's a good thing that my maids can unpack, wash and repack at a breakneck pace! Before I knew it, I was watching the crew of the Venture load my bags into the hold of the ship.

On Board the Venture

Ready to Set Sail

I will be away on my mission for an undetermined amount…

Caledon Social Season Premier Ball

On behalf of Their Graces The Duchesses Carntaigh, Loch Avie, & The Duke Murdann, and the Caledon Social Season Committee, all of Caledon and its Friends, are hereby invited to the Official Caledon Social Season Premier Ball, hosted by the Caledon Early Birds Social Club, to be held in Coughton Court, Caledon Carntaigh, Saturday, October the 6th, at 1 P.M.

Please join us as we present this year's Debutantes into Caledon Society!