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The Duchess is on vacation for the next two weeks and won't be in SL very much. Please be aware that it might take me several days to get back to you. While I am gone contact:
Eva Bellambi for Social Season issues
Any of the Radio Riel staff for booking information
Have a great time while I am away everyone, and I will see you soon!

The Nightingale

Caledon: Oct. 2006 vs. Oct. 2007

There have been several occurrences lately that have me reflecting on how Caledon has changed and grown over the last year.

First of all, we have had the "Duchapaloosa" as Lord Bardhaven calls it; the arrival of 8 new Duchy/Void Sims. Secondly, we had a *very* interesting scenario in the Independent State of Caledon Group Chat yesterday, in which someone who "has been with Caledon since it was two Sims" announced in chat that she felt that Caledon Tamrannoch, and all of Caledon for that matter, looked like mainland garbage. Finally, I discovered an object in my Inventory named "4Q2006" and I dragged it out and rezzed it because I could not remember what the object was. Here it is:

Planning Map of Caledon - Dated Sept. 25, 2006

As you can on this map, one year ago Caledon consisted of seven Sims, with six in the planning stages. At this point in time, we were: Caledon, Caledon II, Port Caledon, Caledon Highlands, Tamrannoch, Caledon-on-Sea and Moors. Soo…

Swooning on a Sunday

Last Sunday for "Gen X with Gabi", I played a show of music from the movies. A lovely crowd came out to dance the night away.

Gen Xers Boogie

I was able to use the *fabulous* new sound system that Mr. Angus Mesmer created for me!

Yours Truly at the Decks

There was also, shall we say...a little excitement in the mix?

I recently had the honor of being invited into a Group for "Compulsive Swooners". The Swooners are "unattached" ladies that can find themselves...overcome with emotion when they are in the presence of gentlemen that we have deemed "Swoon Worthy". These gentlemen are also "unattached", as it would be completely inappropriate to feel such overwhelming emotion for a gentleman in a committed relationship!

The first of the "Swoon Worthy" gentlemen to join the Group was Mr. Puck Goodliffe. I witnessed Lady Edwina Heron and Miss Eladrienne Laval fainting over him at my show at The Rock Factory two weeks ago. :-)

Miss Eugen…


Last Friday, I had the pleasure of providing music for my dear Cousin Kendra's Oktoberfest kick off party in Neualtenburg! Miss Eladrienne Laval accompanied me for her first official gig as a Radio Riel Host - and she did a fabulously excellent job her first time out!

The afternoon in a nutshell:
BeerGiant PretzelsA variety of interesting people from SLGerman Schlager Music :-)Gabi and Elle showing up in the SAME dress without planning itKendra, Elle and Gabi dancing in sync in Dirndls

YOUR Favorite Gen X Song

I'm getting lazy. I've decided that I'm going to let my listeners create my playlist for Gen X with Gabrielle this week. :-)

I want to know what you consider your favorite Gen X song - and by Gen X, I mean a song released between 1980 - 1999. Leave a comment here, IM me in SL or email me at and tell me what your "favorite song" from that era is!

I will play all of your favorites at Gen X on Sunday night!

More Social Season Information

Help with the Season!

Planning continues for the 2007-2008 Caledon Social Season! If you would like to host a Ball or Tea during the Season, please IM Lady Christine McAllister-Pearse or Lady Amber Palowakski. If you would like to teach an Etiquette class or host a Salon, please IM His Grace, Otenth Paderborn or Lady Edwina Heron.

First Event

The first event of the Season is the Caledon Early Birds Social Club Ball, to be held at Coughton Court in Caledon Carntaigh on Saturday, October 6, 1:00pm - 4:00pm SLT. This will be a formal and traditional Caledon Ball. All residents and guests are welcome!

Class of 2008

I proudly present the Debutante Class of 2008, who will be guided through their studies by Auntie Soliel Snook and Doctor Oolon Sputnik:
Abigail RaymakerAchariya MaktoumCornelia RothschildDvora TardisEmmaline McCarey
Gloire ThibaudHoney42 MerlinKiralette KelleyTempyst LaneI wish the Debs the best of luck with their upcoming Season and studies!

Resignation Accepted

Mr. Hotspur Otoole has left the Order of the Nightingale and the Court of Carntaigh, therefore he no longer retains the form of address of "Sir".

The Caledon Social Season - An Introduction

The Caledon Social Season is a cycle of balls, etiquette classes, teas and salons for all residents of Caledon. I encourage both residents and visitors to attend these events, as Caledon is well known for its friendly and open community! The Season will run from October until the end of February, with a break in December.

One component of a true Social Season is the introduction of young ladies (and in our case young gentlemen too) to the community at large. If you are interested in being a "Debutant(e)" this Season, please IM me or Her Grace, Eva Bellambi. You must also meet the following criteria to be a Deb:
You must have been a member of the Independent State of Caledon Group for at least 3 monthsYou must own land in CaledonYou must attend at least 3 of the etiquette classes during the SeasonThe Social Season Committee is currently working on putting together a schedule of events. If you would like to volunteer to assist by hosting a ball or tea, please IM Lady Christ…


Caledonians always seem to be on the same wavelength! I have been planning on posting about this topic for several days, and then, boom, today it comes up in Main Caledon chat! :-)

I would like to organize a RL Caledon meetup during the summer of 2008. How many of you would be interested in that? Obviously, it will be very, very difficult to pick a location as we are spread throughout the globe. But, if we start planning now, people can start saving their pennies for travel expenses now.

My proposed location as of this writing? Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Take a look: I will definitely DJ a dance at least one night, and I am also looking at an English Country Dancing activity.

So let me know in the comments? Are you game?

The Nightingale