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SE Michigan SL Meetup (OOC Post)

Do you live within driving distance of southeastern Michigan? I am thinking of having a RL SL meetup on Saturday, October 13, 2007. An informal afternoon gathering for those of us that live in the Metropolitan Detroit area, or that can visit us here for the day! Please respond in the Comments if this is something that your human would like to attend! Gabrielle's human likes throwing parties as much as Gabrielle does. :-)

The Journey to...the Mysterious Island - Gabrielle's Story Part 2

Gabrielle's Prologue to the Journey

The Journey to...the Mysterious Island - Gabrielle's Story Part 1

I sat down on my cot, removed my shoe, turned it upside down and dumped at least 1/4 cup of sand out of it. Damn this misery - and damn my ruined pumps! Why on *earth* did I agree to come with Eva on this mission of utter insanity and extreme lack of hygiene?? I flopped back on my cot, staring up at the thatched ceiling of the hut over me. Oh yeah, this is really going to keep the bugs out of here...

The gramophone in the corner crackled out "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" as I sighed heavily. At least I still have my music. And at least Doctor Sputnik seems to enjoy cranking the gramophone from time to time so I don't have to. Speaking of music, whenever the wind changes here I swear I can hear Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565" being played on an organ...somewhere! It's so strange! I wonder if it is just my mind being af…

Happy Rez Day Christine!

I think that your first Rez Day in Second Life is such an important event. It means you've stuck with this "Second Life thing" for the long haul - which is unusual in a world with almost 10 million Avatars, yet only 450,000 truly active residents.

Therefore I was thrilled to be able to work "in supa sekret" with my dear friend Lord Edward Pearse to create a nice surprise soirée for his lovely bride, and my partner in many crimes, Lady Christine. :-)

The Crowd Dances Next to the "Wall of Christine"

Work It JJ, Work It Gabi

Coughton Court Parties for the Rez Day Girl

DR. WHOOO! Out Come the Daleks

Christine - I hope you had a wonderful time at your Rez Day party! You are a true friend and I love you!

The First CEBSC Ball

This past Saturday, I worked with Miss Abigail Raymaker, Miss Soliel Snook and Lady Diamanda Gustafson to host the first ever Caledon Early Birds Social Club Grand Ball! I have long wanted to have a Ball at Coughton Court for the residents of Caledon that live in RL European time zones.

I had a feeling the Ball would be well attended...and oh was I ever correct! We had at least 40 people attend the gala event, including many that had never been to a formal Caledon Ball before! I am so pleased that so many new people joined the us for the CEBSC's inaugural formal dance.

From left: Me, Miss A. Raymaker, Miss S. Snook, Miss H. Merlin, Lady D. Gustafson and Mr. D. Hax

I Greet the Guests

The First Dance of the Night - Mr. D. Hax and Lady D. Gustafson, Mr. T. Yosuke and Me

Mr. M. Magellan and Miss L. Asano, Mr. M. Szondi and Me

I Dance with the Always Charming Mr. P. Peccable

Thank you Miss Raymaker, Miss Snook and Lady Gustafson for your wonderful efforts at bringing social events to the &…

Girls' Night Out

Sometimes life for a Duchess can be quite tedious and, well, boring! I fondly remember my carefree, silly days of exploring the Grid...which are long gone now with all of my responsibilities. However..once in a silly streak comes roaring out - which is just what happened last Thursday night.

I was speaking to my dear friend, Lady Christine Pearse, when we decided it was time for a proper "Girls' Night Out". What initially started as a planned trip to go dancing quickly devolved into us trying on our sexiest silks...which then led to the bright idea of heading up to The Falling Anvil in said silks.

Beware ladies...this is what happens when your Second Life becomes all work and no snap...and show up at The Falling Anvil in next to nothing....

Cool Slideshows!

Caledon Early Birds Formal Ball

The Caledon Early Bird Social Club cordially invites you to its first formal ball on Saturday, 25th August from 1 to 4 PM SLT.

The Court of Carntaigh is cosponsoring this ball on behalf of CEBSC, and the venue will be Coughton Court in Caledon Carntaigh. Music by Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel the Duchess of Carntaigh of Radio Riel.

Contact Miss Abigail Raymaker for more information.

Such a Saturday

Saturday, August 18 was the busiest day the Caledon Events Calendar has ever seen! We had 6 "official" events on the docket, and several more personal and private gatherings. I was unable to attend everything...but my goodness! Who could?

Happy Birthday Mr. Peccable!
Yesterday, Mr. Podruly Peccable held a dual celebration in Caledon-on-Sea - his housewarming party and his RL birthday party. Many Caledonians stopped by to convey their good wishes upon Mr. Peccable, and the revelers enjoyed themselves on the beach, in the water, and finally dancing on the Pier. Welcome Mr. Peccable to the neighborhood! He is now my direct neighbor as his home sits in the NE corner of Caledon-on-Sea and mine sits in the NW corner of Caledon Cay.

The Lovecraftian Ball
The Dark Victorians, led by Miss Violet Schnabel and Mr. Subghoul Epsilon held a gothic, H.P. Lovecraft-inspired dance in Miss Schnabel's Grove in Caledon Tanglewood. Lord Edward, Earl of Primbroke took to the decks of his a…

This one Band Camp... (OOC Post)

I believe that this is the first time I have ever made an Out Of Character (OOC) post here in "au Courant". But, my human is moved to do so, as she looks outside at the sunny, breezy, August-in-Michigan, beautiful day.

Every year, at this time in August, I always feel there is somewhere that I am supposed to be. My feet feel like they need to be moving, and my hands feel empty. That is because every late August from 1984 to 1991 I was being ground into the asphalt of some parking lot, somewhere... at Band Camp.

I've mentioned many, many times on air on Radio Riel that I am a former Band Fag. And I use the term "Band Fag" as a complete badge of honor, not as a pejorative! Those of you out there that are Band know what I'm talkin' about! :-)

I often joke in RL that being so involved in Marching Band for so many years ruined me for working in the corporate world, because even though you constantly strive for excellent individu…

Gettin' Jiggy Wit It

Last night I had just concluded an important meeting, and was on the brink of diving into administrative work for Radio Riel, when I received a message from my good friend, and Knight of my Order, Sir Hotspur Otoole. He was a very happy man, due to some recent changes in the landscape of his neighborhood in Caledon Tamrannoch, and he invited me to come jig with him in celebration.

How could I turn down the opportunity for dancing with friends? I threw some reels and jigs into the Radio Riel playlist, hopped over to Tam...and got down with Sir Hotspur and Lady WhoopAss! Lady Christine, Countess of Primbroke joined us as well.
Sir Hotspur, Lady Diamanda and The Duchess"na na na na na na na nana
na na na na nana
gettin jiggy wit it"

Lady Christine, Lady Dia and I Transition into Social Planning DiscussionsNeedless to say...much fun was had by all! ;-)

The Court Presentation Ball

This past Saturday evening was my Presentation Ball for the Court of Carntaigh. Thank you to all of the residents of Caledon that attended this event! I am so very grateful to all of you that were able to share this special night with me. It was my opportunity to thank the friends that have done so much for me, and for the Independent State of Caledon.

I created a large dance platform in the water right across from Coughton Court. I wanted to hold the event outside, under the stars. And speaking of stars, many thanks to Lady Christine Pearse for assisting me with last minute decorating details...and for procuring the shower of stars that rained gently on the guests throughout the evening.

The Dance Platform In Front of Coughton Court (Photo C. Pearse)

Overlooking the Event (Photo E. Bellambi)

The Dancing Begins (Photo C. Pearse)

I did spring a bit of a surprise on the ladies of my Court during the presentation - I decided before the event that I would like to induct them as well into the …

Court Presentation Ball Invitation

Citizens of CaledonThe Duchess of Caledon CarntaighHer Grace, Ms. Gabrielle Rielcordially invites you toThe Court of CarntaighPresentation Ballon Saturday, August 11, 2007at 7:00pm - 10:00pm SLTin Caledon CarntaighFormal/Caledon Attire

To Sir? Not to Sir - There is No Question

We Caledonians, at least those of us that have lived here for at least a month, are quite used to our "formal" use of forms of address when conversing with our fellow residents. I recently solidified and announced the Court of Carntaigh, and in the process named three Knights, one of whom is my dear friend and Caledon's Library Director, Mr. JJ Drinkwater.

Even though he is a Knight of the Order of the Nightingale and Knight Commander of The Library Militant, he has asked me to continue to refer to him as "Mr. Drinkwater", and I would appreciate it if all residents of Caledon would honor his wishes in this regard. From the SL History Wiki - page on titles in Caledon:
A note concerning The Library Militant: the obligatory vows are Literacy, Obstinacy, and Bibliomancy, but the Order is also strongly governed by custom. While there is no formal vow of Humility, custom dictates that Knights Commander eschew the use of formal titles in address, unless their lands an…

The Journey to...the Mysterious Island - Gabrielle's Story Part 1

Eva closed the door of my cottage behind her quickly in order to keep out as much of the falling ash as possible. I looked up from the Tea Tray, having just poured two steaming cups. Eva brushed the ash from her hair as she came to settle on the sofa next to me, and I handed her her cup.

Gabrielle Riel: Did you get Bucephelus settled in the stable?

Eva Bellambi: Yes, although he is spooked and restless due to this...situation.

We both looked out the North window of my cottage - at the freak of geological nature that was now sitting in what had been my stunning, unblemished coastal view of the ocean. Just at that moment, as if to piss me off and say "I am sending your property value into the toliet", the volcano shot sparks and lava into the sky.

Eva Bellambi: I spoke to Kate, she and the team feel that this is a serious threat to Caledon. The Royal Society is concerned that this volcano will destroy the surrounding Sims at the very least. Cay, Mayfair, Carntaigh...

Gabrielle Riel…

Three Years in SL?

You read that right! It is possible to spend three years in SL and not be packed up and sent to the nearest inpatient psychiatric facility! (Well, at least not that we know of...)

Last Wednesday night, Serra Anansi, Seneschal of Winterhaven and Elder Stateswoman of Caledon, marked her third Rez Day at a soiree in Winterfell Ebonshire. I owe much to Miss Serra, for it was she who gave me to opportunity to host my first Caledon event - a Ladies Society Tea at the beginning of July 2006.

The Celebrants Dance to Synn Trenton's Tunes The Caledon Duchesses "Represent" The Rez Day Girl... ...Receives a Spanking from Our Librarian??A very Happy Rez Day to Serra! Thank you Serra for providing me with what became the opportunity of *both* of my lifetimes!

An ordinary day, until....

I awoke this morning to the sun streaming through the windows of my cottage in Caledon Cay. I kept my eyes closed for a few blissful moments... I groaned. So much to do and so little time! I roused myself quickly and donned a white lace day dress. The day's tasks were already spooling out in my mind, Radio Riel clients to contact and policies to work on...a visit to Primverness to survey the ballroom under construction...a dressmaker to contact...

I stopped for a moment, looking in the mirror...the sun hat or the Merry Widow? Hmm...decisions, decisions. As I switched from hat to hat, tilting my head, my eyes noted the thick creamy invitation sitting on my dressing table. I picked it up and unfolded it:

Sir JJ Drinkwater, Director of the Caledon Library, and Her Grace, CoyoteAngel Dimsum of the House of Wu cordially invite you to The Bookbinder's Ball!

When: Friday, August 3, 2007 from 5:00pm - 8:00pm SLT
What: A fancy dress ball inaugurating the Caledon Library's new Novels Co…

There's No Place Like Home

It's so difficult to answer the question: "What's your favorite movie?". I have a Top 5 Favorite movie list to accomodate the films that have meant the most to me in my life...however if you forced me to make a choice and name only one...

The Wizard of Oz
I have been Dorothy for Halloween more than any other character/costume. I worship Judy Garland so much, you'd think I was a middle-aged gay man. When I saw the Wizard of Oz RFL Sim created by my former coworkers the T1 Radio Rockers and designed by my friend Mr. Woodstock Burleigh...well, it was like I'd died and gone to MGM heaven!

Once upon a time, there was a woman living a mundane life on a Kansas farm. Simple tasks and a basic routine - day in and day out. Milking the cows, feeding the chickens, making the tedious one hour commute down the interstate to and from the office.On April 21, 2006 she was suddenly swept away into a magical world...a world of intense colors and amazing things...and a whole lot o…