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Radio Riel Friday Night

Radio Riel returns to the airwaves tonight, Friday, June 29!

4:00pm - 7:00pm SLT - "Caledon Music", Ragtime, Early Jazz

7:00pm - 9:00pm SLT - Radio Riel at the Rock Factory

Join Gabi for the inaugural Radio Riel at the Rock Factory event tonight! Starting tonight, Radio Riel will play contemporary music every Friday at The Rock Factory in Danica Sim from 7:00pm - 9:00pm SLT.

Every week one, or more, of the Radio Riel DJs will take you on their own musical ride!

Tonight Gabi kicks it off in true Gabi style with electronica, dance and pop music and Rane Mokeev as her host with the most! Listen in at

Just search for Rock Factory or IM Rane for a TP. I hope to see you there!

Champion of Myself

Thank you, dear friends for your kind words to me during what has been the most difficult week of my Second Life. Your support has made a difference and helped carry me through this valley of despair.

Thank you, dear Christine for posting such eloquent thoughts on your Blog. I only hope that everyone can be as honest, and most importantly as non-judgmental as you.

The scene that occurred on Sunday evening at Mr. Drinkwater’s Rez Day party was horrific on many levels. I offer my sincerest apologies to Mr. Drinkwater, who is a dear friend of mine. I am heartbroken that an event from my personal life marred his special day.

The things that my Knight said to me, in public, were beyond unacceptable. No man should speak to a woman that way. Especially a Knight to his Lady – and moreover in this case as his Lady is the Duchess of Carntaigh in the Independent State of Caledon.

I know that there have been offers from gentlemen and women to serve as my Champions. I thank you all so kindly for this,…

On Hiatus

Radio Riel and the Duchess will be on hiatus for the next few days. Stay tuned to this Blog for details on when scheduling will resume.

Steampunk Rave

It is indeed amazing how quickly the week slips away - it is already Wednesday, and I have yet to post about Sunday evening! :-)Sunday evening was the Caledon RFL Steampunk Rave, the concluding event of the week-long Steampunk Exhibition in Caledon Primverness. The Radio Riel DJs and I each donated an hour of our time to the event...although my darling Sir Red ended up playing for an extra 1 1/2 hours, thereby donating 2 1/2 hours of his time!Caledon Dances in "The Prestige"Miss Daphne Daehlie, Miss Mitsu Figaro, Miss Diamanda Gustafson, Mr. Roy Smashcan, Sir Edward Pearse, Lady Christine McAllister-Pearse, Lady Lavendar Beaumont, Sir ZenMondo WormserYours Truly Works It with Mr. 98 Book in the BackgroundThe Eerie Cloud Cover Makes the RaveSir Red Makes My NightWhat had started as an evening fraught with technical difficulties eventually smoothed out as Sir Edward took the airwaves with a Goth-tastic set! Then Sir Red stepped in and spun a set that seemed right out of my pla…

Radio Riel ON AIR

I have Radio Riel on all day today! Tune in The schedule:
Rerun of Riel Jazz from Saturday nightRerun of music played at the Wyre Warming - Celtic dance and 80s hits2 hours of dance mixes from Ministry of SoundCaledon Classical starting at 4:00pm SLT
Enjoy! :-)

I Caledon, Take You, Steelhead...

Last night I had the priviledge of attending the handfasting of two of my dearest Second Life friends, Christine McAllister and Edward Pearse.

The ceremony was 700 m. in the air in the Chapel in Loch Avie. A select group of us gathered to witness Edward and Christine exchange their vows to each other. Their words of love and devotion to each other moved me to tears. Christine's brother, Mr. TotalLunar Eclipse escorted her to the altar, and Miss Emily Orr stood on behalf of Sir Edward.
Edward and Christine Exchange Vows And there was much kissing... The Beautiful Bride and Handsome GroomAfter the ceremony, we all repaired to the brand-sparkling-new Steelhead Hotel Ballroom. Mr. Eclipse spent the last four days renovating the hotel for his sister's wedding, and I must say he did a stunning job!Many residents of both Caledon and Steelhead were in attendance, and danced the night away in honor of the newlyweds to the highly entertaining music provided by Steelhead's Sherriff Mr…

Radio Riel Weekend Schedule

When: Tonight – 06/16/2006
What: Riel Jazz at The Metronome
When: 6:00pm – 9:00pm SLT (9 – midnight EST)
Why: I’ve been listening to my iPod on random for the last few days for inspiration, and have had a lot of cool Jazz tunes pop up. I’ve wanted to do a show at The Metronome, which is a stunning Jazz Club. So, I’m doing it! :-)

When: Tomorrow Night – 06/17/2006
What: Rave with Radio Riel at the Steampunk Expo
When: 4:00pm – 8:00pm SLT (7-11pm EST)
Why: It’s the Caledon RFL Steampunk Rave

Tune in at:

Contact Gabi during shows: or Yahoo IM gabrielle.riel

Too Much to Do - So Little Time

I apologize for being so remiss on the updating of my Blog in recent weeks! RL has kept me hopping and unable to enjoy my life in Caledon as of late. I do want to thank everyone that attended the Radio Riel launch party on June 1 - it was an amazing night, and I was thrilled to share the microphone with Sir Red, Sir Edward and Miss Mitsu.

I have resurrected my show "Gen X with Gabi". I missed it more than I realized. It is now on Sunday evenings from 5:00pm - 8:00pm SLT at Coughton Court in Caledon Carntaigh. What a joy it is to play all of my Gen X music again!

I am so looking forward to tomorrow evening - my dearest friends, Christine and Edward are pledging their troth to one another. I will have many handkerchiefs at the ready!! Their love inspires me.

Radio Riel is now broadcasting every night from 4:00pm - 8:00pm SLT. The schedule is on the left. Tune in at